Short Story Pages 5 & 6


Here is page 5 of the short story.

Page 5

Mike tried to stay focused on the road, looking far in advance of his current position to make adjustments in time; although never able to get his speed above twenty-five.  It was eerie how empty the town looked and felt.  Everywhere he looked there were cars, but it like time had frozen.  Nothing moved.  There wasn’t even a breeze strong enough to move tree branches, or blow trash across the road.  He looked over at an empty field that would normally be filled with a colony of prairie dogs, but now sat motionless. It sent a shiver up his spine.

The silence grated on his nerves.  He instinctively reached and turned on the radio to liven up the mood in the car, but forgot the power was out through the city, so all he was able to pick up was static.  He hit his hand on the steering wheel out of frustration.

He rummaged through the middle console, careful not to take his eyes off the road for too long, in the hopes of finding some music.  All he could find was one of his kid’s compact discs. While cursing, he jammed it into the radio and was immediately serenaded by a rousing rendition of “The Wheels On The Bus”.  At first he found the childish tune to be annoying, but he slowly came around and soon found himself singing right along with it.  The music helped to take his mind off the task at hand, and he could relax a little.  In fact, after a while he found himself thankful for the CD-player even though they were antiquated in the current times.

By the time he made it through all of the songs on the disc, he approached the highway; not that traversing the concrete jungle would be easy.  Yesterday when he made his way home chaos ensued, but he had no choice.  He had to return to the scene of the crime.

He turned on to the highway and headed north.  He only drove a mile before getting on another highway, heading west.  The congestion was far worse than it had been the day before.  Cars were packed nose to tail, and corpses lay everywhere.  Some were still in their cars; blood splattered, filling the interior of the vehicle.  Others had tried to run; their corpses in pieces lying on the pavement.

He had to drive on the breakdown lane, and in some cases the dirt and grass, to make his way down the highway.  The rumble strips were annoying, and felt as though they were going to shake the SUV apart.

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