The End is Near (Part 2)

There is one more section left that will wrap up the story.  I will post that in a day or two.  Until then, here is the second part of The End is Near.

Roger cautiously followed him and was greeted with rows and rows of chambers.  There had to be thousands of them.  “What are these?”  He was afraid to ask, but he had to know.

“Eggs. These are all incubation chambers and are the source of the problem.  If our mission fails, at least we can be confident that none of these eggs will ever hatch.  Just think of how many lives can be saved by destroying them right here, right now.”

Roger shook his head.  He was right, he didn’t want to know.

Mike set the duffle bag on the ground.  He had seven of the incendiary devices left.  He struck a match and lit the first one, before throwing it at the first chamber.  It exploded and sent fluid over several of the other organic chambers, lighting them on fire.  Smiling in satisfaction he grabbed another one and tossed it.  And then another.  Suddenly an alarm blared throughout the room.

Mike knew if any of the creatures were in the ship they would now be on their way.  He handed two of the glass bottles to Roger and took the other two for himself, lighting them as well.  He directed Roger where he wanted him to throw them, and then threw his own.  “Let’s get out of here.”

They stormed out of the chamber and ran back to the stairs.  They climbed four levels and could hear the creatures running behind them.  Mike directed Roger down the corridor.  He turned and shot two of the creatures as they rounded the corner, before catching back up with Roger at the end of the corridor next to a set of double doors.  They heard yelling in an unknown language from down the hall.  The both leveled their guns, ready to shoot.

The grumblings and yelling grew louder as two of the creatures rounded the corner, followed by two more.  Luckily the narrow corridor only allowed two of them to fit two side-by-side.  Mike aimed for the left and Roger to the right.  The creatures in the front fell and were trampled by the next two as they continued their march, only to be taken down as well.  They could hear more creatures coming.

“Roger, I couldn’t have done this without you.”  He turned and looked at the double doors.  “The control room is in there.  I need five or six minutes.”

“Go.  I can handle this.”  His body shook from the adrenaline coursing through his body.

Mike handed him both of the Berettas.  “Here are three more magazines.  This is all of the ammo we have left.”

Roger took the guns and handed him one of the Glocks.  Mike knew there were only a couple of shots left in it, but hopefully Mike wouldn’t need it. “Just go.  Quite wasting time.  I can’t die at the hands of one of those things.”  He grabbed Mike’s arm. “Promise me this will work, and that I won’t die from them.  Promise me!”

“I promise, Roger.  It has been an honor and I am glad I ran into you.”  He saluted Roger who motioned him forward.

Mike turned toward the door and punched a code into the control panel to open the doors.  Electronics filled the room and a large view screen took up the whole wall in the front.

He walked over to one of the panels and sat down.  He heard gunshots from outside. Sweat dripped down his face and he blinked his eyes to focus on the controls.  He started entering commands.  It all came down to his fifteen years of study and training.  He knew these controls better than anyone else on his team.

Minutes ticked by as shots and screaming rang out though the corridor outside the control room.  It distracted him and his task was more difficult as sweat now poured down his face, filling his eyes.

He heard a scream, barely, from the corridor.  “Hurry Mike.  I am almost out of bullets and they’re still coming.”

He typed in the final command and watched the screen blink.  He sat back and sighed as the blinking on the screen increased.  He may have caused this problem, but now he it would be over.  More shots rang out as his thoughts drifted to his family.  His sweet innocent family.  He was still shocked any of this had happened.  Suddenly the control panel started a series of beeps.  He sat forward in his chair.  I have done it. I am coming home.  I love you.  He closed his eyes as an explosion ripped through the ship.  He felt a blast of heat that instantly burned the flesh from his bones, before everything went white.

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