Untitled Short Story – Page 1

I wrote a short story a couple of weeks ago, and I know I should be working on book 2, but this idea hit me and I had to get it down.  Besides, it only took me away from book 2 for a week. 🙂

Anyway, I wrote this story and I wanted to get people’s opinions on it.  I am going to release it a page at a time, every couple of days, so be sure to check back often.  And I am looking for any kind of feedback you may have to offer. I hope you enjoy it.


An Empty Home

Mike stormed through the door of his 1960s ranch style home and entered the kitchen.  Rain drops poured off his face and arms, collecting on the tile floor.  He almost slipped as he spun around and frantically locked the deadbolt.  He moved the curtains on the now locked door and quickly searched the shadow filled yard.  They are out there, searching, hunting for me, and others like me.  He let the curtains fall back in place and tried to focus on the task at hand.

He turned and dropped the box he carried on the kitchen table.  The kitchen was dark, too dark, and he instinctively reached for the light switch.  Of course when he moved the switch into position nothing happened.  He needed matches and patted his pants pockets, finding the matchbook he was looking for.  I just hope the rain hasn’t soaked deep enough into my clothing to render them useless.  The power had gone out two days ago and now he was forced to rely on candles to provide light.

He pulled the book out and ripped a match free, hoping it was dry enough to spark.  Fortunately it did, and he quickly lit the candles in the center of the table.  He took off his rain soaked coat and hung it on the back of the chair, before dropping into it.  His wet clothes, coupled with the cold kitchen, brought shivers to his body, and his arms broke out in goose bumps.  The lack of electricity meant he also had no heat in his home, which was an issue in the middle of November in Colorado.  He had a propane fueled heater he had been using, but his supply was running low, and it was only a matter of time before it ran out completely.

He considered starting the heater while he continued to shiver, realizing that if his plan actually worked, he wouldn’t need the propane any longer.  He walked to the living room and picked up the heater and brought it to the kitchen.  He used one of the candles to light it and basked in the immediate heat it offered the room.

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