Short Story Conclusion

Here is the ending of the Short Story.  I hope you enjoy it.


The year was 2304 and life on Earth had moved on.  An explosion of unknown origin had occurred nearly two hundred years before.  Radiation rendered much of the western United States uninhabitable. At first it was thought a nuclear explosion had caused the damage, but the large area of radiation dwarfed what any modern weapon of the time would have caused.  The only known fact was that it occurred southwest of Denver and had encompassed all of Colorado and most of the neighboring states.

Two workers of the cleanup coalition were assigned to a portion of Parker, Colorado.  Cleanup began several years ago.  While labeled a cleanup project, the government ran the project with the intent of collecting information to determine what exactly had occurred.  The radiation level had finally come down enough to allow workers in environmental suits to work continuously for six hours at a time without endangering themselves.

Another purpose of the cleanup was to gather precious metals.  With this part of the country incapacitated by the blast, metals necessary for construction and components were in high demand.

One of the workers found a safe buried beneath the rubble of a home.  He grabbed a long metal rod and placed it on the locking mechanism.  He fired the trigger and the lock exploded.  He opened the door and said “Jackpot!  Hey Charlie, we have a safe.”

“Anything good in it, Nick?”  He walked over to help him dig through the contents. There were watches, bracelets, and necklaces inside.  They all appeared to be gold and Nick excitedly checked them for a gold stamp.  They hadn’t found anything like this in months.  There would definitely be a bonus in store for them this month.

Charlie continued digging through the contents stumbling across an envelope.  Written on the outside was the word Confession.  He stood and walked over to Nick.  “Hey, what do you think this is?”

“How should I know Charlie?  Just open it.”

Charlie opened the letter and found a hand scrawled note.  Nick looked over his shoulder to read it as well, and their eyes grew large.

November 13, 2013

If you are reading this letter, then my hope is that I was successful.  In here you will find my complete confession.  My name is Lieutenant Colonel Mike Thompson.  For years I have worked at the Indian Hills Military Base just outside of Wateron Canyon in Jefferson County, Colorado.  This base was a top secret installation and may not be in any records.  There is a serious reason for that.

An alien spaceship crashed and was found early in the 20th century.  By the outward appearance of the craft it had crashed hundreds of years earlier.  President Woodrow Wilson commissioned the installation to protect any knowledge of the craft.  Over the years the mission of Indian Hills morphed from protection, to understanding, and in the 1960’s under President John F. Kennedy, a large amount of capital was funneled into the program to study the ship and learn from the technology.  The rapid technological growth that occurred in the United States over the last half of the 20th century can be attributed to information learned, and stolen from the alien craft.

This was not a ship like any of you would expect.  It was larger than most buildings and inside we found incubation chambers that contained hundreds of thousands of alien creatures.  It was determined that this ship had a single purpose; an invasion. Even though the craft had crash landed, it still had power and appeared to function normally.  With the ship functioning, the incubation chambers stayed in operation and the alien troops remained in stasis.

I worked on a team that wasn’t interested in the technology.  Our mission was to learn the biology of the aliens so we would be prepared if others of the species tried to attack Earth.  During the first several years of the program we learned all we could, but we hit a roadblock.  We needed to study a live and awake specimen to understand more.  I spent the last three years learning and understanding the controls.  I felt confident I could bring a single specimen out of stasis for further study.

On the morning of November 11th the plan was put into place and I began the process to bring one of them out of stasis.  The system responded and the process started.  The first chamber opened and the technicians were ready, moving the creature to a table.  For safety reasons it was strapped down so it couldn’t escape.

As the observation began, other units started opening up; followed by more.  We weren’t prepared and were soon overwhelmed.  The creatures were larger and stronger than a normal human.  They had claws instead of hands, although there were digits on the tip of the claw capable of carrying out several functions.  In the fight that ensued I was hit.  I fell and hit the control panel with my head, knocking me unconscious.

I awoke several hours later with a headache and a large bruise on my head.  I stood up and looked only to find bodies everywhere.  The control room was devoid of any life, other than myself, although I could hear voices and movement throughout the ship.

I made my way out of the ship and back into the base.  The same level of destruction was evident throughout.  I knew I had to get out of there, so I left.  I found my car and made my way back home.  Sometime during my drive home, the power went out.  The highway was littered with corpses and incapacitated vehicles making my travel difficult. I checked on a couple of the vehicles, including a police car, but there was nothing that could be done. Besides, I could see the creatures creating devastation everywhere.  They went from home to home, and building to building destroying and killing anything in their path.  One thing I noticed was their speed.  I felt that if one caught up to me, they could outrun my car.

I finally made it home, long after dark with an idea in my head. At the rate they were moving, it wouldn’t be long before they conquered the United States, and I assumed they wouldn’t stop there.  I knew I had to put a stop to this before they get that far.  While I cleaned my guns I decided that I needed to go back to the source.  The core of the ship was still functioning.  If I could get back I could overload it and create an explosion.  The core relied on a reaction.  A reaction of chemicals that are alien to me.  My hope is that the explosion will be large enough and create enough radiation to kill the aliens before they can spread.

Which brings me to the purpose of this letter.  I created this, and I have to put an end to it.  If somebody is reading this, please try to understand why I have done this.  I know millions of innocent people have died today.  Included in that group is my own family.  I know you may not understand, but I don’t see any other way.  I feel remorse coupled with pain and sadness.  I hope this letter finds a still functioning planet Earth.  May the families of the deceased forgive me, and may God give me the strength and courage to complete my final mission.

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